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Nub Theory with AI

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-Between 10 to 16 weeks pregnant based on the genital tubercle, which forms early in pregnancy on the lower abdomen of your baby.
-Prefer well-framed, profile positioned pictures.
-You can upload transvaginal and/or abdominal scans.


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

The nub theory relies on analyzing the angle between your baby's spine and the Nub.
It's a boy! - if the Nub forms a 30-degree angle or more in relation to the spine.
It's a girl! – If the Nub is pointing straight out, forming an angle under 30 degrees in relation to the spine.

Described in 2012 by several scientific studies

Nub with AI methodology

The Nub Theory revolves around the positioning of the baby's genital tubercle, which forms on the baby's lower abdomen in early pregnancy. As it develops, the "Nub" will become a clitoris in females or a penis in males.

The way this theory works is by getting a good look at how the baby's nub is positioned, better known online as "the angle of the dangle" (oh yeah, you read that right!), to determine if it is a boy or girl.

Depending on its relation to the baby's spinal cord, you can determine which direction it will continue developing, indicating what genital it will become.

This method is a great option for parents who missed the early Ramzi theory window but don't want to wait for another one to two months to find out their baby's gender.

The Artificial Intelligence can predict with almost 100% accuracy whether the baby is a boy or a girl by analyzing the angle between the spine and the Nub.